House Clearance

It is very important to get old stuff out of your life, because everything ages up, and we need space for new things in our homes. It is understandable, but it if wanted to be executed in an eco-friendly way, it will be harder to do so, because it is very easy to get lost in the world of consumerism, where trash is being produced in a huge rate. With Bulky Waste, you don‘t need to worry about that, we recycle every piece of garbage you produce. It is one of our goals – to reduce the Co2 emission rate.

House clearance is one of the mostly needed services, because every once in a while, people notice, how much unnecessary stuff do they own. The messy clutter is actually very damaging. Many studies prove that. We seek to help you by removing the old and unneeded clutter.
Bulky Waste may be your main helpers, when it comes to house clearance and removing the old and unnecessary from your life. We take care of matress disposal, we remove old furniture: beds, wardrobes, various old cabinets and we also do garage clearance.

The production of garbage in our age of consumption is insane. Due to that, already 70% of wildlife have gone extinct since the 1980s. This is very bad, the greed of massive companies have killed many innocent lives. Why do we produce that much garbage in the first place? Well, producers seek to max out their profits, by using low quality materials, basically, wasting the earth resources, just to make money. If we will continue down this road, it’s only a matter of a question, when we will be the first in the line of extinction. It’s not just about saving animals and nature. It’s also about us, because we are not APART of nature, we are a part of nature, and it’s impossible to separate us from it. No matter whatever you’re fighting for: feminism, gay rights, animal rights, or any type of equality, because if we won’t work together to save the environment, we will be equally extinct. We still have time, I don’t think, that any of us want to apologize to the future generations for this mess. That’s why Bulky Waste cares about nature, and makes sure to recycle any garbage produced. The goods made from recycled plastic are as good as they originally would be. A lot of manufacturers also should care more about the product quality, not their profits, because worse quality means more trash.

Bulky Waste cares about cleanliness from the environmental and mental sides. The whole idea of creating Bulky Waste was to help people declutter and become mentally relieved and feel better, because our experience and many more studies can prove that. We have been successfully achieving this goal for about five years already, and we seek to improve even more.

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