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BulkyWaste Professional Waste Removal Service

Bulky Waste may be your main helpers, when it comes to house clearance and removing the old and unnecessary from your life. We take care of matress disposal, we remove old furniture: beds, wardrobes, various old cabinets and we also do garage clearance.


Appliance & Furniture Removals

Fridges & Freezers Stoves & Dishwashers Sofas. Tables & Chairs Mattresses / Box Springs Head Boards & Carpets Dressers & Desks

Electronic Waste & Sports Equptment

Old TV's Of Any Size Computers & Monitors Printers Cables & Phones Bicycles Exercise Equipment

General Bulky Waste

Lumber & Drywall Trims Deck Materials Cabinets & Tiles Mirrors & Toilets Branches & Limbs Tree Trimming

about us

Bulky Waste Is A Team Of Young Enthusiasts Who Believe In Cleanliness And Hygiene. We Are Based In Dublin. We Have A Good Experience Of The Industry. We Are Equipped With All The Essential Tools And Techniques Of Rubbish Removal. Our Team Is Trained And Experienced In Handling All Kinds Of Junk Removal Projects. One May Need Rubbish Removal Services For Various Situations Such As Tenants Moving, Office Moving. Completion Of Building Construction, Garden Waste Removal, Unused Or Trash Electronic Items Removals And So On. All Such Situations Need Expert Handling To Empty The Place From Any Kind Of Waste.

Waste management is necessary to have a clean and eco-friendly environment. It sounds, like it‘s an easy task, that all we have to do, is to not throw our rubbish into the environment. Well, it‘s not that easy. Each person has different understanding of how important it is to upkeep our enironment clean. Some of us love the clean surroundings, and try to produce less garbage, while some of us just don‘t pay attention. We, at Bulky Waste, care about our environment and we seek to achieve the goal of clean environment.

Did you know, that clean environment is also one of the ways to achieve mental clarity? It sounds weird at first, but it‘s logic when you think about it. Clean environment equals clean mind. So, decluttering and cleaning up is one of the steps towards mental happiness. It isn‘t easy to do garden waste removal, as well as green waste removal, so, we seek to help you with that. Our professional, well equiped team can quickly declutter your surroundings. This is an excellent way to save time, so, while we do such things as house clearance, or junk removal, you can do more important things, and become more productive!

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We take pride in every work we have done. We have grown a lot with our work years.

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